A brand from the largest olive producer in the world.


Our Story

A world class olive producer

Incorporated as an organization of farming cooperative societies, Agrosevilla controls each of the production phases for its olives and olive oil: from tending the olive trees and harvesting the olives to manufacturing, distributing, and marketing the end product, thereby ensuring rigorous traceability and greater quality control during each stage of the production chain, from the source to the final destination.

Agrosevilla is currently made up of 12 cooperative societies and more than 4,000 associated olive-growers, and has an annual production figure of over 80,000 tons of olives. We export our olives to more than 70 countries all over the world.

Olive growers

Product of Andalusia, Spain

kg olives per year

Product of the world’s largest olive co-op

Sustainable growth

Agrosevilla grows in respectful equilibrium with the environment, people and resources, ensuring a minimum environmental impact and the prevention of pollution.

Culture of food safety

Agrosevilla promotes the awareness of all personnel involved in the processing of their food, from the origin to the customer, to ensure the safety of our products.


Agrosevilla is made up of 12 cooperative societies dedicated to the production of table olives and olive oil. They are able to manufacture and sell olives and olive oil with an excellent and unique quality. All the cooperative societies that belong to Agrosevilla are located in Andalusia, in southern Spain, the land where their olives are grown.

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