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An all-Italian Story since the 1960’s


Our Story

commitment, tradition & innovation

Caffe Motta tells an Italian story. Since the ’60s, the Mastomartino family has wisely mixed passion and long-standing know how, becoming an industrial reality committed on offering every day a product of intense and authentic taste. A coffee able to express the uniqueness of the Neapolitan espresso.

Caffe Motta’s commitment starts from an accurate selection of the best Arabica and Robusta beans, sourcing them from the main producing countries. The particular roasting combined with an improved blending and packaging processes have been possible thanks to the latest generation systems with the aim of producing a unique product of high quality, strictly made in Italy.

Professionalism, never ending research for excellence and social responsibility are the fundamental guide values of Caffe Motta. Every single product is rigorously monitored by international standards that certify the compliance to food hygiene, safety and quality regulations. Freshness, beans maturation, certified origin: every single step is checked by experts, working passionately with Caffe Motta for over thirty years.

Caffe Motta interprets the evolution of trends and taste in order to satisfy the modern consumer’s needs and requests. Drinking coffee is a simple gesture, but it is much more than a habit: it is culture, tradition, a ritual, sociability and Caffe Motta takes care of it every day.

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An all italian coffee


Purchasing of the best raw material, directly imported from the major producers and careful selection of the best qualities of Arabica & Robusta. Green coffee strictly selected with care and attention, combining tradition and innovation to guarantee a high quality from the beans to the cup.


Caffe Motta keep their promise to consumers about their quality commitment. They carry out internal laboratory tests on raw material, roasted and ground coffee in compliance with the rules of the certifications achieved: BRC, Kosher, FDA, EAC, Certiquality for compostable filter paper pod.

The Blends

Caffe Motta’s thirty-year experience along with the deep know-how of their roasters allows them to create and check continuously the blends obtained from a mix from two up to seven green coffees to meet all types of consumers’ requests. “Getting the best of quality” is their motto, each blend of coffee offers a new tasting experience.

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