Our Brands

Sourced from Agro Sevilla the world’s largest table olive producer, packer and exporter, and one of the main olive oil exporters in Spain.

Coopoliva is well known and recognised in all the countries in which it is marketed. Coopoliva has a wide variety of olive oils and stuffed olive specialties and different preparations adapted to the local tastes and preferences of each region.

Caffè Motta offers a full range of blends for all tastes and at different times of the day, because stopping for a cup of coffee is not only a good way to finish the meal but a moment of familiar conviviality.

The taste of simplicity. The best blends to enjoy the tasting experience they deserve for a lighthearted break or a time with the people they love. Easy and simple.

D’Amico products are excellent ingredients for many dishes of the Italian cuisine. From sundried tomatoes to capers, D’Amico has distinguished itself with high quality standards in processing and services, careful selection of raw material, constant research into new products and new production methods, technologically advanced production system